Darren Walker

“We often hear that success is ‘all about the people you know’ — as if it’s just a matter of equal-opportunity relationship building. We rarely talk about how one knows them, or about the privilege that has become a prerequisite to knowing the right people.”

Darren Walker - President of the Ford Foundation


“Belief in oneself and knowing who you are, I mean, that’s the foundation for everything great.” “Instincts are really important in business. I didn’t go to any business school 101 or anything like that, I pretty much just followed my instincts.”

Jay-Z - American rapper and Entrepreneur

Megan Ellison

” I don’t believe in very many things, but art is definitely one of them. And at the top of that list, film, and art influence our world’s culture much more than many of us understand and fully respect.”  

Megan Ellison - American film producer and Entrepreneur